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CHILI’S SHOEHAN: A tribute to the restaurant where I see confident girls gathering with their co-workers, friends, et. al to experience happy hour and empowering

November 20, 2009

this Chili’s SHOEHAN will emulate my more pricey style of wearing lots of apparel and footwear with logos i.e. I like to wear the Gucci logo and the Louie Viutton logo all around, but that is not practical financially for my SHOEHANS customers and I know this. Here you can wear an amazing logo that shows your style and loyalty to my favorite restaurant and place for frozen margaritas.

A lot of people said "Hey if you love Chili's SO much why don't you make a Chili's SHOEHAN", first I thought I can't make a SHOEHAN out of food aka disintegratable product, it will never stand up to the Long Island snow. But then it clicked and here is my artisitic footwear vision expressed via Chili's arte.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    December 8, 2009 7:29 pm

    I love the new take on a florel print! I think an actual chili zipper pull would be a great edition, a la lemonhan.

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